DasCoin - Vision Film

DasCoin - Anna Hejka's Story

We are proud to bring you the first of four films featuring the independent board of directors at DasCoin, and we start with Anna Hejka. Here, Anna gives a personal insight into her background and motivations for joining the team.

DasCoin - Eberhard Wedekind's Story

DasCoin - Paul McCarthy's Story

Paul McCarthy. global ambassador for NetLeaders, says the community is one big family and tells an engaging story about helping a previously homeless advocate in Thailand build one of the biggest teams within the enterprise. Many more similar videos to come...

DasCoin - Soon Hook Lim's Story

Following on from the Anna Hejka film we bring you part two of "The DasCoin team" - our second feature focusing on the independent board of directors at DasCoin. This is Eberhard Wedekind's story so far and vision for the future with DasCoin.

Number three in our series charting the personal motivations of the independent board of directors at DasCoin, and a powerful sentiment from Soon Hock Lim: "I came from a poor family. My parents shared their food with their neighbours and that's where I picked up the value of giving.

DIRECTOR: Ed Christmas